How to Choose the Right Pet Grooming Apparel

Posted by Marco Lalau on Aug 17th 2015

How to Choose the Right Pet Grooming Apparel

Dog grooming can be a difficult task and your morale plays a big part on how well your day will

go by. The dogs seem to know when you are a little off your game and take advantage of the

situation by making every task a challenge. This is why wearing the proper attire can be vital

start to your day. Pet grooming apparel is not only good for looks but also important to keep

you safe and physiologically ready for work. Angels pet grooming apparel gives you the

highest quality materials, design, comfort and most importantly style. So when shopping for your

next pet grooming apparel, be it an apron or a jacket, make sure to look for the following:

Comfortability: When working hard you need to be comfortable and have full mobility. Most pet

grooming apparel is made of nylon and nylon is not flexible but repels hair very well. Angels

new line of smocks offer a mesh flexible material for the backside of the garment and a thick

nylon on frontside; offering optimum mobility and hair repellent characteristics. Also, flexible

materials help combine a fitted look, making you look your best while at work. Angel’s pet

grooming apparel backside mesh offers much needed ventilation keeping you cool while in the

grooming salon.

Style: Do you have style? Choose a pattern that best represents your personality and style of

grooming. If you have purple clippers, purple scissors, purple comb and purple brush a plain

black apron is not for you. Groomers are creative and our work requires us to think outside the

box, dress accordingly. Although, there is nothing wrong with a plain black apron because it is

functional and always clean.

Quality: Dogs and cats naturally destroy anything you are wearing while grooming. The pockets

can get snagged on corners, or bleach splashes all over your pet grooming apparel. Prepare

yourself by buying something that is going to last through the grooming salon chaos. Touch and

feel the material and look at the stitching. Double stitching is always better then single stitching.

Also, Strong and thick materials are your friend when picking the right pet grooming apparel.

When you purchase a jacket that has a zipper, make sure the zipper can tolerate hair, so look

for a wide toothed zipper. When picking aprons, look at bands that tie around waist and neck,

this needs to be a thick band that will last you a long time and be easy to clip on and off.

Finally, be careful with companies that make apparel for human hair dressers, they just don’t

have the necessity for durability that the pet grooming apparel requires. With all the great

choices out there for pet grooming apparel, groomers have a better selection today then they

had years ago. A small investment in a good pet grooming apparel can last you for years, so

make the choice that makes you feel good and confident while at work.

Author: Marco Lalau

Pet Stylist and President of Bubbles Pet Spa